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Anew Solar Advance Anti-Aging Sun Protection Tinted SPF50


Help protect and repair your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays with this tinted mattifying SPF50 face cream. Formulated to help repair 50% of skin cell damage within 24 hours*, this tinted formula blends with your natural skin tone for flawless-looking, more healthy-looking skin.


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Anti-aging solar cosmetic treatment with exclusive Repair Shield technology, developed to help protect the skin’s DNA structure against UVA / UVB rays.

Helps repair 50% of sun damage in 24 hours. * Non-greasy formula. Super light formula. Provides dull and dry skin, all day long. ** Dry touch. Helps to smooth the appearance of fine wrinkles and pores. Oil Free Facial Lotion Brightness control.

Fast absorption formula without leaving residues. Dermatologically tested. Not comedogenic. Non-ungenic. Offers high protection.

Suitable for skin very sensitive to sunburn. Protects the skin up to 50 times more. Helps repair 50% of skin cells from sun damage in 24 hours.

Helps control oil production for a long-lasting, glossy finish. It is recommended for all skin types. Non-greasy formula Ultra-light formula. Immediately: ** Leaves your skin looking and feeling hydrated. Leaves your skin looking and feeling nourished.

Leaves your skin looking and feeling soft and silky. Leaves skin looking rejuvenated and renewed. Sensation of freshness. It absorbs instantly.


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